Sunday, July 25, 2010

park city.

pioneer day in park city.------>>>

we had the lovely pleasure to play with Troy and David. little did we know we were in grand company.come to find out by the end of the night, we were hanging out with a pro wakeboarder. Don't worry that David is currently sponsored by Slingshot Wakeboards, O'Neill Wetsuits, Alkemi Apparel, Straightline ropes, and boardco.com. He was just featured in Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. go check out his website http://dpperspective.com/. we had some funky music to jam too it was fabulousoo. great night with great company.

much love

IMG_7172 by you.
IMG_7170 by you.
IMG_7167 by you.
the mane that could not be tamed....
IMG_7171 by you.
"your hair is tickling my face"
IMG_7177 by you.
IMG_7183 by you.
IMG_7187 by you.
his pride and joy
IMG_7184 by you.


  1. It looks like you guys had a fun time seeing Sam's Funky Nation.

  2. haha of course mommy. we were glad you were there :]