Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sooo big news

sooo big news.

1-i've decided to start sewing my own clothes.

2- will i be able to do it.. who knows?? but i most definitely will try. i will not give up until i make at least one thing presentable to wear in public.

3- i need a escape way for this crazy brain that is constantly spinning its little wheels. a new creation to work on. make all my thoughts/ideas/inspirations--> wearable clothing. wow sounds ideal right.

4- and alright i am guilty i couldn't pass up these beautiful fabrics and went a little overboard on buying them... so i need to do something with them now.

5.6.7.-wish me luck- i'll need it.

much love

IMG_7278 by you.IMG_7285


  1. skirts are the best thing to try....and if its even harder.....try using some patterns..they do have cut hip ones to your likings... :) Good luck!

  2. haha thank you i most definitely will. i am in the market for a dress form i am thinking that will be the easiest other then that i am kinda just free handing... so patterns may be a good idea. but thank you i will need it.