Sunday, August 29, 2010

why worry?

why worry when you have the Lord?

so many times i find my self worrying, stressing, trying to prevent things that are to come, planning everything that has happened that is happening and that will happen. I am the type of person that always needs to see whats coming a clear plan of the future. Through so many years of my life with this as my mind set--> one realization calmed all my fears of the future.So often the beautiful talk given by Elder Neil L. Andersen "You Know Enough" {click here for the full talk} comes to mind. so wonderfully put he said "Fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time."

The action of easily...too easily placing my hand in the Lord's constant outstretched hand continually leaves me in amazement. Often i am humbled by the blessings of this beautiful and magnificent gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

i am happy. i am oh so happy.

much love

{could i be any more blessed?}


  1. this is just what i needed! Thank you

  2. I love this michey. So so true and something I needed to remember as well! Thank you. I love you.