Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new york.

Ellie and i are paying a visit to my "future" one day (fingers crossed) living residents.

new. york. city. {periods added for dramatic effect}

first off, the city of my dreams + my best friend in the world, all alone to roam the city for hours upon hours ever day for a week. i am getting so giddy. everytime i start thinking/planning/day dreaming of this glorious trip my little heart thumps a little harder and a little faster. who knew you could be whipped by a city.

hurry up time. hurry up.

i have purchased jackets, shoes, purses ect ect... specifically for this trip. Which very hardly so very hardly are not being worn until then.
Ellie and i are starting to watch every chick flick known to man filmed in new york city, studying every park bench, cafe, street corner which we would like to pay a visit to.

and you bet i've started a savings account justttt for New York. no more spending for me--->
we are going in october can we say perfect fall fashions--->> and in New York ahhhhh bliss. we have so many fun activities all ready planned to give you a slight idea....

empire state building.
painting in the park.
statue of liberty.
fabulous memories with ellie
jogging in central park.
more shopping.
more photography.
oh did i mention shopping.

and so so so so much more.

this city and i were destined to meet

much love

lovely outfits/photo such as this.
ellie and i being thee biggest tourist hehe
cafes such as this.


  1. oooh! My new husband and I are going to NYC in October too! Maybe we will run into each other.... Well mayyybeeee.. that is a good idea to watch NY movies. I'm going to start. i checked out all the good guide books from the library though. sorry.

    PS cute blog. I've never stopped by before!

  2. ohhh really. what dates will you be there?? that would be fabulous if we are there the same time we should try to do lunch!!! ahh dang you beat us to it hehe.

    and thank you i will have to check your blog out as well i am sure its darling jusstt like you.
    love m.

  3. MICHEY! You guys are going to NEW YORK?!! Holy holy wowza. guess what SO AM I!!!!!!! I am so excited I get to go in April for dance! WOO what a glorious place. Dang you and Elle are going to have a BLAST. I am sooo excited for you guys and I can't wait to see the documentation :)LOVE YOU