Tuesday, December 28, 2010


happy tuesday everyone.

Wake up early and take a morning walk,
sit for meditation and have a self-talk.
Make a list of things to be done today
and go as per it for the rest of the day.
Do give a sweet smile for people you come across;
for it makes you feel better without energy loss.
Do all the work putting forth your self-interest,
Outcome of it will be surely the best.
If something goes wrong, find the reason behind;
Learn from the mistake and do not repeat next the time.
Do help others if they are in need,
some day or the other you might be there indeed.
Love, respect and do care for your youngsters and elders;
for all these fill your life with rainbow colours.
Extrude ego, enmity, selfishness from your mind;
Forgive others for mistakes, and be generous and kind.
Just try all these for at least today;
If it gives you peace, do it every day.
by Fathima Najlaa

Christmas day photos coming soon.


  1. Well said young lady
    Who's fathima najlaa?

  2. yes i love her work, she is a writer from Karnataka, India.
    P.S. thank you for the nice comment on my christmas video!! means a lot to hear good feedback.

    love m.

  3. Good feedback = good effort in making the video, this is what I call the quality of posts not the quantity ;)