Thursday, January 6, 2011

art. finally.

spring semester 2011. has finally approached.
{its about time}
i adore this semesters classes.
finally more then one art class
let me just take you through a lovely day at school with me.

wake up bright and early. leotard up. stretch. move. my mind slowly starts to wake up. my heart follows beats increasing tempo.
beat. beat. beat. dance.


stroll down the hallway.
its water media time.
finally during school i can release some of my inner expression. changing my medium. wood floor gone. cold pressed, rough, water color block paper.
egg tempera.
ultramarine blue.
chinese white.
i take in wise words from an artist 70 years in practice. his countless wrinkles,white beard, and blue eyes become my muse.

i walk across campus.
next humanities through the arts.
questions are asked....
what is it to be human?
why is art so important?
how have the arts influenced you?

i walk pasted the elevators.
i take 3 flights of stairs.

i end off the day with a lovely 3 hour 2D design class. more and more supplies needed.

{i will be a broke artist.. real soon}
but a happy broke artist. thriving in my passions. life is oh so good.

much love.

Photo 260-pola
Photo 252-pola
Photo 255-pola


  1. you forgot the part where you meet up with you BFF and shout like a man at friends who walk by

  2. you look lovely. Nice photos.xx


  3. I have a drawing board, do you need one of those?

  4. thanks girls.
    and chels i just bought one but thank you. we still need to get together sometime soon

    love m.