Tuesday, June 28, 2011



hello lovey bloggers
so great news i will be in Europe for the next month.
we flew into Warsaw, Poland today. oh my goodness can you just say stunning and you know me i was going crazy with my camera with all the history, beautiful architecture, vivid colors, people... ect ect i could go on forever.

unfortunately i need to buy another adapter while in town tomorrow and then i promise the blog post will be better, and with more then one photo of course.

all blog followers from Europe i will put up a list tomorrow of all the places i will be visiting, if any of you would like to meet up i would absolutely love that.

much love


  1. oh fun! i just got home from the UK on sunday. we went to england & france. i had a fabulous time, i can’t wait to go back! :)

  2. i am seriously so so jealous!! i lived in Poland for a year when i was little. it will always have a special place in my heart :) have fun!

  3. Im also jelous, hope you have a great time!!!!!

  4. I so totatlly wish I was there with you. I can't wait to see your photos. We sure miss you! Have a fantastic time and soak it all up. Mellisa

  5. I'm a italan girl from Milan and Cotedazur. kiss Marina

  6. Oh how wonderful, hope you have a fabulous time! I live in England, would have loved to of met up! Your style is fabulous, I follow your blog

    Eda ♥

    Please lovely could you spare a vote?


  7. Awww lucky!!! This is the first summer I didn't get to travel :( I'm so jealous!!

  8. Poland is so beautiful! And whoa, the history is incredible. I'm so excited for you... What a great way to spend the summer. Europe! Dreeeeaaaaamy.

    Love you M.


  9. gorgeous blouse!!
    Im really jealous! I lived in Italy for a year and traveled around a bit but now my heart is still in europe! Have fun!
    beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx