Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Week Down

Here you go loves!

laddee dadee la...another week has come and gone. this weeks are flying by at an incredible speed. is it just me or does anyone else feel this same way??
before i get any farther in this letter i must apologize for my english...or more the lack of it that i still have... its getting bad, i hope that is a good sign that i am learning another langauge and just not loosing any langauge that i thought i had. I will often talk to missionaries and they remark oh wow... you know all these other langauges and now you are learning chinese...what does that make you like tri lingual....in response.. acutally no. At this point i can't even speak one of those langauges properly. But good news i think my brain is growing because sometimes it hurts. haha
Story time:
Here is something that i hope will give you a little chuckle..my elders told me the other day how some other districts have been calling me sister Jasmine... as in like Jasmine off of Aladan... oh the things that they come up with here are quite comical to say the least.. i will spare you the rest of the other stories.
TRC- yes it is fabulous.. and something that i realized is that i cannot communicate with a person unless it is about the gospel haha i kind of love that though. We get in there and the natives just start rambling off on us and we just look at eachother and look and them and are just like...yup pretty sure i didn't understand a thing you just said to me... but moving on we acutally have an amazing lesson prepared for you today...and then BOOOM the magic happens haha its so great. the other stuff will come in Hong Kong but i am beging to realize how important it is that we know how to preach this beautiful message of happiness and hope.
I gave a talk on sunday on the Atonement :] it was really great. Another great opportunity that they give us in the MTC. Ever sunday we have a topic and we should always be prepared with a talk and then you don't know if you are talking until they call you up to the stand haha... well this is just what happened and my heart started to pound like crazy i was so nervous i did not know why... i am usually fine talking and rather enjoy it... sometimes as we all know its hard to shut me up. Well yes the pounding was a little out of control and said a quick prayer asking Heavenly Father to calm my nerves, when i said amen my heart immediatly started to slow down. The power of prayer is inredible and such a strong testimony to me that the Lord cares so much, even about the insignifanct little things... like this situation its incredible, when we realize how powerful prayer truly is in our lives. I realized how much i took prayer for granted, and the relationship that i had with my Heavenly Father. Ahhh its inredible, what a beautiful gift have we been given huh???
guess what??
Richard G Scott came to talk to us for our Tuesday devotional it was amazing oh my goodness when the apostles of God speak you know they are men set apart and called of God the love and power that they speak with is undenaiable. ahhh he is so great and so loving. He talked so highly of the sisters it was so great, and left us with the most inredible blessing and reassurance that we are being sent to the places where God chose for us and where God has prepared specific people for us to teach. This testimony is firm in my heart, i love the people of Hong Kong so much its a little ridiculous. I pray for them all the time and i cannot wait to meet them, i cannot wait to bring them this joyous message...and the the tool to bring them back to the Father in Heaven who misses them so very very much.
The other night i asked the Elders to give me a blessing it was inredible. I am so astound and i often forget the power that these 19 year old boys have. How incredible it was to have the spirit was so strong, and Elder Nield delivered a beautiful blessing, in which i recieved so much comfort from :] I am so blessed to have the Elders that we do in our district they are incredible, i do not believe in considences i know the 6 of us were called at this time in our lives to be together at this time in our lives. We have learned so much from eachother and we have built lasting friendships that will last a life time i know this. ahhh so great. Just another tender mercy of the Lord.
Speaking of distrits our new district comes in TOMORROW ahhh i am so excited for them and scared for them at the same time...because i know what they have to go through the 2+ week humbling process... ahhh it was the hardest time of the MTC but the greatest.. it was the time that i grew the most and the time where a firm testimony of this church of in my Savior Jesus Christ was necessary!!! ahh i am so excited for them :]
The mission is amazing and i am not even out in the field yet. Whoever said the MTC sucks... was totally wack... because its amazing. AMAZING. yes it is hard, its super hard and sometimes you want to sleep or just give up... but you don't because you gain strength in the Lord, and you remember why you are hear and what you are going to be doing. Our calling is much more then a "teacher".. when we realize what we are doing our purpose to invite others unto Christ... you put aside yourself and go to work. And you work your little pardon me butt off. It is so worth it! Every minute of it, giving it your all and know that they Lord is pleased with you is the best feeling in the world. I love going to bed every night exhausted from all the infromation and emotional stress i have taken in that day. And i know tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a hou ging (AMAZING) day and a day where i keep growing close and close to my Heavenly Father. We are authorized to preach the word of God, when we realize that calling, we then develope the knowledge that anything and everything is possible.
i love you all so much your prayers are so very much felt here. your amazing and i know the Lord loves you and is blessing you.
much love
leih jimuih

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