Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hello beautifuls.

hello beautifulsss,
how are we all doing this week. Hopefully well!!!!!
my week was lovely thank you for asking :]
21/ TWENTY ONE/ YIH SAHP YAT/ BENTE UNO/ yees that is 21 one days till HONG KONG The count down continues!!!! time here at the MTC is flying, most people by there 9 week are so ready to leave the MTC but now i am slightly freaking out, ahh hits like i haven't learned enough and i am not as ready as i should be.... but what really determines that right. the best way is to just get out there and starting working. wahoo i am so excited so nervous, anxious, ecstatic...list goes on and on. i can't believe it the time has almost come!!! bleeeeee. there is SOOO Mucch to do.
you don't realize how inadequate you are, how little you know, how you can't make it through this process without the Lord, until you are here...and you are trying to learn one of the hardest languages in the world. its a constant humbling process, and one which i am so very honored and privileged to be having... we calculated it out the other day...and i speak 900 words of chinese....haha yes i know it doesn't seem like much but we were pretty proud of it...chinese. WE ARE SPEAKING CHINESE. oh my goodness it is unreal the Gift of the Holy Ghost is so very very real. It is given through a completely different way then you think.... but its great and it is defiantly being given here.
Things that will make you Chuckle:
this weeks nightly cantonese sleep talking topic was on prayer, thats fun eh??
Jessica Alba was announced to say the closing prayer in a devotional
"has anyeone told you that you look like princess Jasmine..." how someone determines you look like a cartoon character i don't know
i have a farmers tan...ewww haha
you have no idea what day/date/month/....or daylights savings... oh thanks for telling us haha
and farts and farts.. non stop farts. its bad people. you don't even know.
- we have the privilege of watching the Joseph Smith movie here on sundays...and yes the "kissing part" you get a lot of whistles and clapping... yes wow.. we are at the MTC with a bunch of 19 year old boys. its bad.
this week i got an amazing blessing from the Elders and i would love to share some of it with you:
"a mission is in the plan for you ,its where you are suppose to be"
"he knows your greatest aspiration is to love everyone and that makes him so very happy"
"invinting people unto Christ will be as easy as knocking on a door, and others inviting you in their threshold"
"everything about your mission is perfect for you, in fact it is tailor made for you"
so today at the Temple one of the Temple workers asked if i had relatives in Switerzerland... crazy right and she knows are family omi and opa to be exact her last name was Lohner there were the mission presidents in '95 prettty crazy right.
alright my darlings my time has come again to bid thee farewell. hope your week is amazing and hope to hear again from you soon. I am doing great so don't worry about me. Thank you for the prayers they are very very much needed i love you so much and i pray for you all the time.
invitation: read yeukhohn daai sahpsei Jeung----> translation ST JOHN 14 just read the whole things its amazing!!!! love you alll
much love
leih jimuih.