Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Week in HONG KONG

She is there and doing great, here are some pictures she sent too!! ENJOY! ~N

hello kiddies,
week one in HONG KONG!!! and its been the most incredible week of my LIFE. haha maybe the hardest. a little bit... but the incredible part oversees that :] AHHH I LOVE HONG KONG. yeah 18 months... sorry it may drag on a couple more years. I will have to get kicked out of this place before i on my own will choose to come home.
oh goodness so much happened this week i do not even know where to begin. Lets see...
We got Chenged out (when people talk you out to eat, which p.s. they LOVE taking the sisters out...yeah luck me haha) Millie was her name she was darling we had a yahm chah...which basically is they don't stop bring food to the table haha not even joking so we sat down and they brought so much food out and i was like alright i can do this.. and then it just kept coming and coming... haha and Millie darling sweet lady that she was insisted that i try EVERYTHING haha, yeah made the mistake of saying oh yeah this is good... "oh have another"...on no no thats ok... BOOM more on my plate hahahaha so funny. I shared the message with her...well as best as i could she said she really liked it and that my cantonese was very very good!! so that's got to mean something haha. well the food was great...lots of meat. yum. lets just say i waddled out of that restaurant haha but something cool that happened with Millie i was talking to her about my family and told her how my great grandpa was from China and she was like oh really bring me all of his information and i will look for it for you. i was like SCORE seriously that would be so great. So i am pretty sure that we will be seeing her this sunday so i am bring her all the info that i have which...is not much but hey its something right...
-taught english class...haha funniest thing ever, i seriously had to hold back the laughs.. so i played a game with them where i just had random words in a bag and they choose it, and would have to describe it to the class and of course all the talking was in english... so this is just one of the descriptions that i seriously was going to pee my pants.
word: toothpaste
student: " you do this every time you go to the toilet"
hahaha all the missionaries looked at me like what the heck kind of words are you putting in there for them to learn...haha no i did not write pooping i promise hahah so funny.
Later that day we taught our investigator Joahnne...she's crazy but nonetheless fantastic.
Sunday, was fantastic as it is in the MTC it's even greater in the field. They asked me to bear my testimony which, was great haha i hope they liked me and i think for the most part they could understand what i was saying. They do the greatest thing here, you know in hawaii how they are like allohhaa, yeah they say jo sahn which is like good morning..and everyone was doing it so i was like heck i am going to do it to haha.. JO SAHN LE HO MA!!! haha i think they think i am crazy but that is alright because they are so crazy here too. SERIOUSLY people are crazy here i love it, i seriously i am like wow i could not be in a great place. I fit in so well with these people. :] love them.
after sacrament a ton of members thanked me for my testimony..which was so very very nice. they were surprised i had only been in hong kong for 3 days, they were like i thought you had been her for 2 years... i was like alright thats pushing it but thanks for the compliments none the less. They were so excited i was there they gave me the opportunity to say the prayer in every meeting i attend haha i love them, to say the least. oh yeah after sacrement this lady came up to me and handed me a bag of groceries haha the members are so great here!
here are so funny comments that i have gotten over the past couple of days here in hong kong:
well first everyone is super curious what i am, they are not pleased when i tell them i am from utah...they are like yeah ok...but where are you from haha
"your eyes are so big...they are like fruit" yeah i still don't get that one.
"you look like an indonesian princess....then they have to confirm their thought and seriously get like a vote from everyone huhh doesn't she look at her everyone hahaha"
"we have lots of missionaries come from utah, but never your mix before"
little be said i must tell you the tremendous support i am feeling from the Lord, with the work and with the langauge, not saying that everything is made better... but my load has been made lighter... its hard you have to just through yourself out there...get rejected a million times and then smile and move to the next person. haha seriously i have never felt so rejected in my life.
this is the power have as a missionary:
they see your tag and walk in the opposite direction
everyone stands one meter a way from you, and the metro if possible.
heads turn... in the opposite direction.
they wave at you.. oh no excuse me that is them shooing you away hahaha
haha its great. if anything i have hilarious stories to write in my journal every night that is for sure.
the other day i sat by the old lady on the bus...sat down leih ho she just stares at me with the meanest glare every i am like so hows your day...still super made then she's like I DONT SPEAK CANTONESE, and i am like oh perfect i speak english..yeah she hated that answer..so i try to keep talking to her so how long have you been in hong kong for what are you doing for work, get these one word mean answers and then finally she's like WHAT IS YOUR WORK HERE. i am like alright... haha well actually i am a missionary from the Church of Jesus..... I AM CATHOLIC. ok thats great you know my mom actually use to be catholic...she just didn't answer me i was like alright SWEET hahaha little bit of an awkward ride haha so funny.
really quick i wish i could write so much more but i don't have time, my list of things about HONG KONG
-everyone looks FANTASTIC HERE
-everything is so cheap
-transportation is awesome here
-octupus card is the coolest thing ever google it, i am sure you can read about it
-they just through in random english words that are so hillarious
-sometimes i think they are mad at me and yelling.. not thats just how they talk haha
-food is great... if its not meat haha
-market is awesome
-its smells like smoke and fish haha
-ok i hope this isn't like bad to say or anything but it is seriously a blessing that i can distinguish between asians now haha i am serious though i was scared because i was like freak i am not going to be able to know who the bishop is because they all look a like. but HEY i can wahoo thats great.
yesterday really quick cool story...so we had been finding for a couple hours and nothing no success everyone did not want to talk to us and then finally i feel someone just grab my hand and i am like what the heck. its this little white lady and she is like where i the LDS temple in a russian accent. They were members from Russian they were the greatest they were on the wrong Island but we got the on the MTR and called the elders to pick them up when they got off the bus. She was so cute with her family she was like Heavenly Father sent me two angels. oh my goodness best thing ever to here after such an unsuccessful day.

oh the pictures of the city those are from my bedroom and seriously from my top bunk...yeah that is where i live AWESome. YES you should be jealous.
love you all so much the work is incredible.
much love
leih jimuih


  1. oh hong kong !! so beautiful :)
    love the culture !!


  2. i love your blog! and hong kong is so neat thanks for your example! glad i stumbled upon your blog!