Thursday, March 8, 2012

ok everyone i have been so bad at updating michelle's blog, but i am going to be oh so good now and post every week!!! She is doing so amazing! I'm convinced she is the best thing that has ever hit Hong Kong! enjoy this weeks letter and some pictures!

okkk WELL I LOVE MY MISSION LIFE. i really do its hard not going to lie for even a second but its AMAZING. and i couldn't be happier.

· you know what is the greatest thing ever when me and my companion have companionship invetory and we get to the part where you are supposed to talk about your companionshp struggles... we can skip over it everyweek.. i don't think you realize how amazing and rare that is. so happy to have her as my companion

· so this week we had 24's i had it with leugh jimuih the tall mtc companion... yeah so we both have only been here for 3 months right.. it was amazing we taught a lesson and went finding it was so fun to see like wow... we can do this if we needed to on our own. its crazy how much we can speak.. huge BLESSING

· so this member her name is annie wong she is AMAZING she is like 26 just got back from living in utah for the past 7 years i think it is. anyways i love her and she is the greatest she helps us with so much anyways she took us out to lunch the other day and we just talked about everything she is like my other sister she is an only child and joined the chruch by herself when she was like 18 and also served a mission she's amazing!!!!!! ANYWAYS her mom refuses to talk lessons from the missionaries... and annie just told us a lot of personal things a lunch.. we shared the message of the restoration with her.. we were all crying and the spirit was so strong. after she told us about her mom she was like i ahve never told anyone that before i haven't even written it down..... well yes this week annies mother met with the missionaries for the first time. it was sister chiu and myself. the meeting was amazing the spirit was so strong and annie heard her mother pray for the first time. we were all in tears. wow the Lord works in amazing ways. i didn't know i thought for sure she had,. had TONS of meetings with the missionaries right. as we left the church annie hugged us and cried as she told us that was my mothers first lesson with the missionaries. wow what an honor right. its amazing when you create these friendships and people trust you that much wow.


leih jimuiuh

meeshy :]

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  1. <3 it! Knew she would be an amazing/powerful sister! Thanks for sharing her experiences..keep up the great work Sister Lier!