Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here is this weeks letter!!! She is doing wonderful, thanks for all the letters and support with prayers everyone has given her. Enjoy.

ahhhhhhhh can you really have a better week every single week of your life. Yes i testify that you most definitely can. And something else that i have come to the realization of... how much you can do in 1 days time hehe oh so good.

so here you go again and be mindful of blessings, laughs, tears, miracles, humbling experiences, gratitude... etc. all mixed into one jumbled letter. Hold on tight my loves:

· yet again we were able to have another one of those... lovely people just yelling at us... haha karen was with us too... so sad we went for a walk down the harbor and got icecream and this lady just came up and started yelling at us and karen... my recent convert right. After the experience i was like wow... this mission has completely molded me into a different person a more Christ like person... before the mission you all know that i would have not taken any of that... but really its amazing how the Lord can you give you a love towards any person you meet. Even when they are yelling at you. I just like to think they forget that they are my sister or brother and i give them the benefit of the doubt. They will remember later so no problem at all!!! :]

· YEAHHH Ada and YOYO got baptized.. it was such a great day and all the young women came to the baptism which was the best thing ever... it was great.... hahaha but oh my goodness don't worry that Ada had to get dunked like 6 times...hahaha so we had one of the Elders recent converts baptize her because we thought he would love the opportunity which he did... but lets just say he was a little more then nervous... not to mention Ada is super tall and they didn't feel the font high enough.. yeah really i was so close to jumping in the font haha i was like oh my gosh you are drowning her.. hahahaha yes she will never forget her baptism day to say the least.

· ok who wants to hear about moves call ???? anyone, anyone???? alright fine i will tell you... I am staying in the CITY!!!! and guess who is my companion......... SISTER CHIU hahaha we are staying together... there is no companionship in our mission that has stayed together for so long. Can you believe that. The Lord really has some amazing things planned out for us and i see it everyday!!! Sister Chiu is really my best friend in the whole world. She has really becoming my sister and i am so glad that i get to stay with her until she finishes her mission. i remember after our first move i was like wow wouldn't that be amazing if i could just stay with you until you "die" (that’s what we call finishing your mission right) and we were like yeah that would be awesome but lets be real its absolutely impossible... yeah doesn’t Heavenly Father always makes the impossible POSSIBLE. hehehe everyone was freaking out they are like are you kidding me again... yeah don't worry that moves calls the Zone Leaders told us that we were splitting up (because they thought it would be funny right because we are like attached at the hip) and Sis Chiu started crying... let me just tell you that she RARELY cries... slash all ASAINS have a very hard time crying. yes we really do love each other!!!!!!! :] ahhhhhh so so so so happy. the miracles are already flowing in!!!!!!!

· its starting to get hot. our walls are sweating and its hard to sleep at night haha.. its funny. we are in the city right like right in the middle. and they always do construction at like 12 at night yes i don't know why... we were on 24s and my companion was like how do you sleep at night with this sound haha i am like oh.. um actually i have never noticed... thats how tired i am every night they can literally be drilling right outside our window and its like a lullaby for me hahaha so great.

· its amazing the trust that people have for you, it truly shows that we do represent Christ we taught one of our recent converts this week... she told us of something’s that have happened in her life... we all sat a cried. We testified of the Atonement and its infinite power. It is amazing the things that Heavenly Father is able to put into your mouth to say. In the very moment the things that ye shall say will be given to you... without a doubt i have come to know that is so very true. I bore strong testimony of the Love of our Savoir and Heavenly Father. She hugged me and said thank you.. when you were saying those things you looked like an angel. haha i was like its Heavenly Father. AHHHH the things that you can do with the Holy Ghost are sacred sacred, humbling, miraculous things. AHHHHH I LOVE MY MISSION

We have been so busy, for example i will just explain yesterday for instance so you get a little sneak peak of what we do everyday

1. work out basketball at church

2. study

3. travel to a investigators house

4. teach English for an hour

5. go to the cemetery with her, clean parents grave

6. yahm chah... where they literally stuff you full... its the first time in the mission where i have had to stuff things in my purse.. yes it was that bad

7. leave a message

8. run home.

9. "langauge study"

10.meet karen teach lesson

11.run to store get something for a cheng out at night

12.run to the church

13.take a taxi to a funeral sing... the run out

14.take a taxi to Ada and Yoyo house

15.hot pot, leave message

16.run home.

17.help sister lam pack


19.prepare for bed

20.drop dead.

but this schedule couldn't make me happier,

Heavenly Father is truly working miracles through us and i couldn't be a happier missionary with our schedule being so full!!!!!

Heavenly Father is so very real. This week has been the most humbling week of my life. I have come to see the importance of life. Seeing missionaries leaving, and learning of a love and respect that i could have never gained in any other way. I love love love my mission. It has helped me become the person that Heavenly Father has planned for me to become. I have come to know the true nature of his love, his loving kindness, mercy, and true love for each one of his children!!! I could not be more humbled to everyday be able to be his servant and representative. I love him.

I love these people. i know i will cry like a little baby when i will have to leave these incredible people.


Leih jimuih

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  1. great photos! I would love it if we followed each other. I'll be following you through GFC!