Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As promised! Bam another amazing letter! I love her millions hope you all enjoy this great letter!

 hey dwiddle diddle deee i LOVE THEE.

this week was amazing i must tell you about the amazing miracle that happened.

so we had 24's this week. in which i was staying.. that night i called all of our investigators none of them were available to meet with us, that morning i called even more people NO ONE. i was asking people if i could clean there house, buy their groceries...NOTHING. I am like what the heck people why wont you let me serve you hahaha

so we met up with our zone and switched with our new companion. we had 1 lesson planned for the day and as soon as i got my companion for the day i apologized "i am so sorry we really have no lessons today." ahhh i was so bummed because its an amazing experience to be able to teach with new people. so we headed to Mong Kok to meet up with some elders to have a turn over lesson.. we were waiting for the bus and i had a feeling that i need to call this investigator. so i did. she answered and i informed her that we were on our way. then she was like oh i am not home... OH PERFECT haha i was like alright well we will see you later then. i hung up and i was like really. the only lesson that we had planned. just got cancelled. THANKYOU. ahhh really early that morning i had prayed to Heavenly Father to give us a walk since i wasn't able to schedule anyone on my own. (a walk in: is when someone walks in the church on their own wanting to take a tour..ect) anyways we haven't had a walk in for a while now. anyways as we were walking back to the MTR i turned to my companion and i was like don't worry i prayed for a walk in this morning... i am not joking literally 2 minutes after i got a phone call for the church sisters where are you we just had a lady come into the church wanting a tour.


"we are in mongkoik right now, dont let her leave whatever you do" ok no problem i will just have her watch a film.

OH YEAH. i got off the phone and i was like sister cook we have a walk in. She was like oh my goodness your prayers are so powerful, and it was then when i realized its not that my prayers are powerful, it is when you try to do all you can, there is pure evidence that the Lord will make up for the rest.

i wanted to spread the gospel, i wanted to serve people, i wanted to be a consecrated missionary. and when i did everything in my power to be one and i couldn't do it on my own. He gave me a way, a way to share my simple testimony of him and is love for his children.

we met up with sharon. we taught her an AMAZING lesson. where the spirit was undenable. we invited her to be baptized. the first thing she said after i asked her if she would get baptized was WHEN CAN I GET BAPTIZED. it is in these moments. where you cannot deny the excistence of God. you just can't. How i am i being able to speak chinese, teach a lesson, answer he deep doctirnal bible questions. i am not. its when you are willing to humble yourself. strip yourself of pride. and completely give yourself to Heavenly Father. He is the potter, and he will make a much more beautiful instrument out of you, then you could ever on your own.

miracle after miracle followed that day. why. because we listen to the still small voice. we were obedient. and we wanted to work. and we worked hard, and that is why he kept giving us more. I love the quote given by Presdient Monson when he says i know the Lord will continue to give my revelation because he know that i will listen and obey... that is probably not exactly the translation but you get the point. i testify of the truth of this principal listen, obey, and follow. simple. but far to often we take the simple and complicate it. Heavens simplicity does not need an explanation, they need humble people to accept and do.

i was asked to give a sharing in our multi zone conference. kill me haha but it went good. a elder came up to me after and was like thank you so much for what you said.. in my head i was like uhh what did i say haha and he was like you said something that made me think so much, you said i wanted to be a missionary i wanted to share my testimony... and i was like yup its true, he just shook my hand and was like thank you. no thank HEAVENLY FATHER.

i have learned that everything comes from Heavenly Father everything. i love in the BOM where it says i will boast of my God. :]

ahhh franky. i don't know if you remeber her at all but.. she was the one who was really struggling she is one of our recent converts.... and very less active i have been working with her since i started my mission a half a year ago... constanly talking with her even when she is ... lets be real a not very nice to me, anyways without fail everytime i would tlak to her or see her i would give her a big hug tell her how much a love her and then a big MUAH (kiss sound) haha while although she said that she hated it i knew along that she didn't. And why do you ask. because yesterday when i was talking to her on the phone and we were saying bye i said i LOVE YOU FRANKY and she said.... wait for it. I love you too!!!!!!!! AHHHH sooo good. a half a year later. lesson learned NEVER GIVE UP. keep being annoying haha no just kidding but keep doing what you know you need to do. the other day when i was with her she was just like your not really a missinoary your so different from all the other missionaries i have met. and i was like why??? and she was like because you are my friend. i am like alright stop that i think i am going to cry. wow. tender right. haha anyways life is so good. miracles every single stinkin day.

i love love love love my life
i love my mission.
i ADORE the people of Hong Kong
i love my God.

my prayers are always with you
love your missionary

leih jimuih


  1. What a great post. Thanks for sharing Nicole! I'll keep Michelle in my prayers. -Kristen (Daniels) Wade

  2. Hey Nicole, what is an address that I can write Michelle at!?