Monday, June 4, 2012

okkkkkkkkkk haha i promise i will be better, here is Michelle's letter from last week. She is doing GREAT, and i will post her letter from this week when i get it....PROMISE.

ahhhh i am really so happy that opa is having such a good time it really makes me so so so happy you have no idea the things that i have learned about family while on my mission has really just made me understand more and more of the importance.

anwyays so proud of Delon he's amazing. man what a wonderful wonderful family we have really we are SOOOO HANGFUK we would say in Chinese. which is LUCKY/HAPPY. soo soo good right. ahhh i love you so much

so yesterday i had a interview with the pres. he said that my Chinese was really good, for some reason he has just gotten accustomed to talking to all us foreigner missionaries in English... even when i try talking to him in Chinese hahah its really funny, anyways yesterday in my meeting I just went off in Chinese because its funny but when it comes to the gospel i am really more comfortable talking in Chinese so I just started talking and then he was answer me in Chinese (which he doesn't do) and then realized that he did and then switched back to English hahaha yes i am really starting to sound like a native tricking the mission president hahahah.

oh dear i love my new companion!! i really do she is great and my good friend. she is amazing and has so many things that she could get down on but i really think that this move is going to be great and we will be able to help each other out a lot!!!! she told me the other day you work so hard but you are so happy. that comment made my day. because i believe the best days are when i when to fall on the ground when we open the apartment door. when we have been running from appointment to appointment. when i no longer have any makeup on, or evidence that, that morning...i actually put a little effort into getting ready hahah. but really i love working hard. pushing it so that the Lord can use me the my fullest potential.

missions are hard. but they can be the funniest most rewarding thing in the whole world. IFFF you make the choice to see it that way. its all in attitude if there is anything that i have learned on my mission is you can either let one little things ruin... literary your entire mission... or you can grow upon it, and progressively get closer and closer to God, Finding out your purpose and the things that he wants you to do.

I LOVE MY MISSION. did you know that??? hhahaha

i just hit my HALF WAY MARK. yesterday..eewww chills just ran down my back. its so crazy to fast to fast. i don't want to come home i miss you all but here is an idea. why doesn't everyone just move here hahaha. food for thought huh??

i love my investigators right now they are really my best friends.
one just texted me to have breakfast together. this is not a mission. its a dream come true.
AHHHHHHHH i am in love with everything here. i am soo happy. and i love you guys all.

 the other day we got locked out of our room hahaha don't wrory i figured out how to get us back in with 2 butter knives my college ID card and 2 extra pairs of hands hahaha i know you would have been proud and i also installed a memebers door stoper thing used an electric drill and everything i was like... yes i know Pop would be so proud right now.

more about the comp:
she is 27 are recent convert of 2 years. she joined the church herself. her mom joined a year after. and she is beautiful. she has had A LOT of hard things happen to her start working at the age of 16-17 to support her family. and wow she is a rock!
i am so happy.

miracles are happening everyday. but its all in our choice to see them.

i love you all so very much
love your dear, and i am guessing fingers crossed favorite missionary hehe

leih jimuih

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  1. I love her letters! She is so positive- SO HAPPY!!!! She is such an incredible missionary!! Thanks for sharing these Nicole :)