Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter from Aug 15, 2012


sooo remember how i just went senior and step training last week. yes lets make this clear. 1 one week ago. Well got a lovely call from President Hawks today... went a little something like this.

Pres: Sister Lier, how are you doing.
Me: Great President thank you.... blah blah small talk...
Pres: how's the area
Me: oh its wonderful i love it
Pres: how familiar are you with it.
Me:...well as familiar as i can be with just living her for a week
Pres: how fast can you become familiar with it.
Me:  ...well as fast as you need me to.
Pres: great, prefect answer. your companion is moving to macau this upcoming tuesday, and i want you to train a new missionary coming on tuesday.
Me: ok. yes sir. anything you want.

then he was like i know this is sudden, but this is what the Lord needs you to do right now. I have full faith you in, this is a big responsibility.... ect ect.

YEAH WOW. right... like i had a feeling that i would train soon but not that soon, like i was thinking the soonest was next move at the soonest... well yes. lucky me. 

But yes i know that Lord has a lot of faith in me, and he is trusting me, which also means that i need his help  A LOT!!!!!!! wow. yes a little bit overwhelmed but i am excited for this challenge and just another opportunity to push me a little harder. 
YUP... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME hahaha have a baby on my birthday pretty much thats great.

its just super interesting because you can train UNLESS you step train.. yeah i step train for a week. hahahaha so funny. Well this is me putting full faith in the Lord!!!!! i know he will help me. 

alright well other then that, I LOVE LVOE LOVE LOVE THIS AREA.
i was able to see my mami sister chiu, and the first day she came to english class and brought me egg tarts our favorite thing when we were serving together!!! :] she is the greatest. but here is the sad news apparently they took seung seui out of our area... which is my last comapnion sister wong, and sister chius ward dang it. but i know everything is for a reason... just at this point i am not quite sure haha but i am still able to see sister chiu so good!!! the other day when i saw her after my companion was like i love watching you two together... you two really are the best of friends!!! we get crazy when we are together and laugh and ramble of in chinese hahahai  love it. i love her.

well my companion that i am only going to have for 1 week .... i love her she is amazing. this little sweet heart studying chemical engineering a little nerd but she is the greatest. i am super sad she has to leave... because i really do love her. oh my goodness but she is just the greatest. and so nerdy hahaha like typical sister missinoary but its so good.. yeah my first non native companion.... and word on the street is that my companion is coming from malaysia... so that should be interesting where the speak indonesian.... and not good english or cantonese... so yeah pray that this time will be good. but i have a feeling heavenly father is really going to push me this next move!!!! i will love it though. Come what may a love it right.

i love the ward the are so great its like heaven and the are so willing to help the missionaries its like what a ward is suppose to be like. SOOO HAPPY. the first day i was there they saw that i was new and starting giving me all this food and went out and bought us like watermelon and mcdonalds and donuts hahah i was like wow... what a welcome right haha i feel like this scripture has been applied the last couple of days "Luke 10:8" go read i am sure you will get a kick out of it.

Elder Nield is serving in my area again... do you know who that is.. like one of my favorite elders we were in the MTC together!!!! :] 

i have been working so hard in this area and trying to make every minute count the moment i got in i started memorzing the area book i know you probably think i am crazy and those crazy intense missionaries... and yes i kind of am but i wanted to go to church on sunday and know most of the people there... mind you we serve 2 wards so its not the easiest thing in the world. but you love how i stratigically worked it all out for sure getting in contact with all the leaders of our ward.. starting with the bishop i gave them a call when i got in talked to them on the phone for a little bit of what the expect of me to do for their ward and they welcomed me ... they loved it... and then sunday. they already we expecting me and knew my name. BINGO. and invited me to introduce myself and bear my testimony in sacrement. it was so great and then that night the bishops family invited us over for dinner and their family home evening. OH YEAH. haha so good though. hard works pays off. and lets be real i had to push myself because its not easy coming into a new area and not know if they are going to like you...ect ect but you just have to push push and push yourself so more. BUT it will all work out, and it will all pay off!!!!! The Lord is amazing that is for sure 

On sunday i pretty much got a job offer from one of the ward members to come back and do graphic design for him. He is a HUGE graphic designer and travels the world setting up like theme parks and games and all the stuff its awesome and we just talked forever on sunday and he was like dead serious about me coming back and working with him... he was getting a little to excited haha so maybe i will be going back to HK to work haha that would be cool!!!! but i am sure i could work out of NY too. he goes everywhre milan russia, america EVERYWHERE so cool 

oh and we have a family of geikos that lives  in our house they are everywhere haha but its good because they eat the bugs!!! well thats a plus and they are pretty cute hahah

sorry so many thoughts and craziness in this letter. i am sure the next one is going to be just as crazy i swear this is Heavenly Father being like alright my little darling its CRUNCH time. hahaha but its super good and i love it.

i love you all so much your amazing.
your all amazing and i pray for you all the time. 
love leih jimuih.

oh and thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!! :] 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Letter from Aug 8, 2012

ok peeps i am catching up its been a crazy wild summer for me and i apologize, sorry ive been keeping all these wonderful letters to myself, i hope you all enjoy them as much as i do here you go.

i am moving from Macau.
To Tolo Harbor. The place that i have been wanting to go my entire mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah oh yeah. The Lord has finally answered my prayers. I didn't tell you this before but i will now so you can know how incredibly happy that i really am!!!!! :] i have been serving in thee hardest areas in my mission and now finally after prayers and more prayers i get to taste of the sweetness of having success and move to an area where the member like the missinoaries... and ect ect i could go on and on but i will not. but oh my goodness SOOOO EXCITED. you have no idea.
and guess who's area that is. my companion right now sister wong which is also my best friend.... and my mommy SISTER CHIU oh yeah i am going to make her fellowship all the time. so so so so good!!! i love it. i am so happy and this place is th in teh middle of no where i get to serve in theee most beautiful place i am so excited i am so excited if you can't tell. FINALLY.
alright other moving details i am going senior and i am step training. wow so fast. The Lord has a lot of trust in me and i will not let him down. it will be super weird serving with an america... not going to lie i have served almost 1 year with natives.. dang it i have been so lucky. but i know the Lord will continue to bless me!!!!
this week was great.. and filled with a lot of tears. knowing that the chances were few that i would be able to see these people again.... its super hard and the reality is starting to hit of how extremly hard it is going to be when i have to leave leave my mission. ohh goodness i am sorry i will arlready apologize right now i know i will be a mess!!!!
it is just a special feeling and a special kind of love that you devolop when you serve these people... i don't know it is something that i cannot explain. but yes i LOVE them. and love does not even describe what i am trying to say. ah its hard.
Random Nationalities and Phrases that were said just in these week:
-are you from india?..... yeah because your eyes look french...
-my friend saw a picture on facebook of us and they asked if you were pakistani.
-(mind you this is an entirely different person) are you indian?...yeah because you eyes look german.
-are you russian?
-are you hawaian?
hahah oh dear so fun. they have no idea what i am... and not going to lie at this point i don't either. i am half swiss half honduran.. i speak english and i am a wanna be asain hahahaha oh so funny.
well i love you all so much i hopeing i will have so good updates for next week love you all
sister lier
leih jimiuh