Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Letter from Aug 8, 2012

ok peeps i am catching up its been a crazy wild summer for me and i apologize, sorry ive been keeping all these wonderful letters to myself, i hope you all enjoy them as much as i do here you go.

i am moving from Macau.
To Tolo Harbor. The place that i have been wanting to go my entire mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah oh yeah. The Lord has finally answered my prayers. I didn't tell you this before but i will now so you can know how incredibly happy that i really am!!!!! :] i have been serving in thee hardest areas in my mission and now finally after prayers and more prayers i get to taste of the sweetness of having success and move to an area where the member like the missinoaries... and ect ect i could go on and on but i will not. but oh my goodness SOOOO EXCITED. you have no idea.
and guess who's area that is. my companion right now sister wong which is also my best friend.... and my mommy SISTER CHIU oh yeah i am going to make her fellowship all the time. so so so so good!!! i love it. i am so happy and this place is th in teh middle of no where i get to serve in theee most beautiful place i am so excited i am so excited if you can't tell. FINALLY.
alright other moving details i am going senior and i am step training. wow so fast. The Lord has a lot of trust in me and i will not let him down. it will be super weird serving with an america... not going to lie i have served almost 1 year with natives.. dang it i have been so lucky. but i know the Lord will continue to bless me!!!!
this week was great.. and filled with a lot of tears. knowing that the chances were few that i would be able to see these people again.... its super hard and the reality is starting to hit of how extremly hard it is going to be when i have to leave leave my mission. ohh goodness i am sorry i will arlready apologize right now i know i will be a mess!!!!
it is just a special feeling and a special kind of love that you devolop when you serve these people... i don't know it is something that i cannot explain. but yes i LOVE them. and love does not even describe what i am trying to say. ah its hard.
Random Nationalities and Phrases that were said just in these week:
-are you from india?..... yeah because your eyes look french...
-my friend saw a picture on facebook of us and they asked if you were pakistani.
-(mind you this is an entirely different person) are you indian?...yeah because you eyes look german.
-are you russian?
-are you hawaian?
hahah oh dear so fun. they have no idea what i am... and not going to lie at this point i don't either. i am half swiss half honduran.. i speak english and i am a wanna be asain hahahaha oh so funny.
well i love you all so much i hopeing i will have so good updates for next week love you all
sister lier
leih jimiuh


  1. Love you so much! So funny. I love the game of guess Michelle's race!

  2. Hhhmm I like your big smile which is having so much charm in it...all the photos are perfectly taken and look so grateful to see..

  3. Michelle you continue to amaze me!! I love reading about your mission. I am excited for you. You are such an amazing woman and such a gift to all who know you. Thanks for sharing with us. Love you bunches!!