Wednesday, May 15, 2013

San Francisco [day 2]

Another exhausting yet amazing day. 
Aren't those the best.

Breakfast in the City at the cutest little cafe called La Boulange de Sutter. I had their yummy home made granola yogurt and fruit mmm. Went wandering through the city, and we just happened to come upon a taiwanese festival going on in the park. yes. yet another lovely surprise to fill my Asian withdrawals. Did some more shopping [surprise surprise right] on upon which Nicole i found thee greatest hidden treasures. China Town round two. WHAT... and the wandered ourselves all the way to Italian Town... had ourselves thee yummiest Italian margarita pizza. Went in search of the golden gate bridge... apparently the fog wanted to steal the show today. So frowns on our side.. smiles on his. boo. Finished the cold foggy night with yet again our Starbucks obsession. 

goodnight S a n F r a n c i s c o. 

much love

Sunday, May 12, 2013

San Francisco [day 1]

Hello loves,
We are in San Francisco for the next couple days. Possibly one of my most favorite places. [and china town might just be a huge plus]

Nicole and I explored the city today. We shopped till we dropped. Had lunch at a yummy burger placed called Super Duper Burger. Got our nails done on Sutter Street. Made our way down to China Town/Heaven. Fed my Hong Kong cravings, and chatted it up with all the people. Visited some Art Shops. Ended the night with a nice warm carmel spice apple cider from Starbucks. enjoy

much love

good night San Francisco 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

It was a lovely cinco de mayo with family and friends. 

good food. 
good music.
good company. 
good conversation. 

To top it off an old fashion buggy ride.. what that has to do with cinco de mayo... i dont know, i take that back i do know.. the answer is nothing. But who cares, it was lovely. 

much love

this sweet heart even brought mommy beautiful flowers 

thanks pretty horsey for the buggy ride