Friday, August 16, 2013

20 Facts.

Hello Loves hope you all have a lovely weekend! I did a post on my instagram 20 facts about me. Thought i'd share them here as well enjoy. 

much love,

1. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the gospel is everything to me.
2. I sleep with 373919491 pillows 
3. I live in spandex 99.9% of the time
4. When I was little I was convinced I was adopted and Pocahontas was my mother 
5. I love the smell of coffee 
6. I can't sleep in past eight 
7. I am a computer nerd 
8. I hibernate during the winter months 
9. I speak Cantonese, Spanish, Swiss German, & English 
10. I could have mini wheats for every meal and be completely content 
11. I've always wanted a pet hedge hog 
12. I think I am Asian 
13. I dream of living in Greece and wearing white linen everyday
14. I love foreign films 
15. I am obsessed with my weirdo family 
16. The majority of my closet is neutral colors 
17. I was once on the front page of a newspaper in Switzerland for gymnastics 
18. My ideal Christmas would be spent on the beach 
19. I always collect berries in the forest 
20. I love old records


  1. Oh girly---I'll be your Asian sister :D

  2. so glad i discovered your blog. you are beyond gorg! <3

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